20210601 – Senator Hollie Hughes – TGA – Community Affairs

As the October deadline approaches, it was useful to get an update from Professor Skerritt.

20210415 – Senator Hollie Hughes – The Kenny Report – Sky News

Great to chat about the day’s news with Chris Kenny on Sky News Australia.

20210413 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Paul Murray Live – Sky News
Hypocrisy is rife in the feminist “sisterhood”. My interview with Paul Murray on Sky News Australia

20210325 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Community Affairs – NDIS
Choice and control is the centre piece of the NDIS. But Labor’s Senator Sheldon seemed more concerned with unionising support workers during last night’s Estimates hearings in Canberra.
20210325 – Senator Hollie Hughes – The Kenny Report
During an interview with Sky’s Chris Kenny, I called out the fact that community and media attitudes toward Coalition women need to change. Respect for women should not be selective.
20210325 – Sen Hollie Hughes – ABC Capital Hill
I told Jane Norman on ABC Capital Hill today that the staff members involved in deplorable behaviour in Parliament House should pack their bags and leave immediately.
20210324 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Community Affairs – misinformation about prescribers
After an inquiry, multiple media reports and other political discourse it appears the authorised prescriber model is only one of 3 options for nicotine prescription. According to Prof Skerritt there are around 100,000 doctors who can prescribe for personal importation. Probably helpful information a while ago but good news for over half a million Australia vapers….
20210324 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Community Affairs – ALP causing vaccine confusion
Vaccine confusion issues raised by Labor are just unhelpful without specifics. As usual Labor is all about bluster and no solutions during estimate hearings in Canberra.
20210317 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements Extension
Great news for Hunter businesses with government paying up to half the salary of any new apprentice or trainee.
The Hunter – leading Australia’s economic recovery.
20210317 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate

Here we go again … there can never be any recognition from those opposite that Australia has weathered the Covid pandemic better than all other major, advanced nations, both in economic and health terms.

They are just never happy. I really think they need to get out and give themselves a big pat on the back of each other, and tell each it’s okay to smile about how Australia has performed through the pandemic.

20210315 – Radio National – March 4 Justice

It’s important when change is needed it’s done in a way most likely to affect real change. So it was disappointing to me that women’s groups marching on Canberra today chose to reject the Prime Ministers offer to discuss the safety of women in the workplace.

20210301 – Senator Hollie Hughes, and Angus Taylor MP at Snowy Hydro Kurri Kurri

It was great having the Minster for Energy and Emission Reduction, Angus Taylor MP, with me in the Hunter looking at the new Snowy Hydro project – a project designed to provide jobs and affordable power.

20210224 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – IR

One side of the Chamber wants to cut casual workers pay and force a $20 billion tax on business? Guess what – it’s not the Liberal Government!

20210223 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – Brittany Higgins

Trying to take down one woman whilst alleging to support another … Labor should be ashamed of itself.

20210222 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – supporting small business

The Morrison Government is focussed on supporting businesses and employees throughout this pandemic and beyond. We have done this via targeted programs that have assisted those most in need.

20210222 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – Covid-19 vaccine support for multicultural communities

My questions today is to the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs Senator Cash.

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout now underway, could the Minister please update the Senate on how the Morrison Government is supporting Australia’s multicultural communities to access the COVID-19 vaccine?

How do these supports for our multicultural communities complement our broader vaccine rollout strategy?

How will our COVID-19 vaccination rollout support Australia’s economic recovery?

20210217 – Senator Hollie Hughes – ABC TV’s Capital Hill

Today with Jade Macmillan on ABC TV’s Capital Hill.

20210217 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – Questions to Sen Seselja

Today in the Senate, my questions to the Minister representing the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reductions, Senator Seselja.

Will the Minister please update the Senate on how the Morrison Government is ensuring that Australian families and business have access to the affordable, reliable energy they depend on, which will support job creation and continue our economic recovery?

Can the Minister update the Senate on how all Australian families and businesses, including in my home state of New South Wales, can make sure they are getting the best energy deal?

Can the Minister please advise how the Morrison Government’s approach is ensuring that energy remains affordable for small businesses, particularly in my home state of New South Wales, and is the Minister aware of any risks to this approach?

20210215 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – Take Note

It is the sign of a sad and desperate opposition that has an inability to have a sensible conversation about IR reform.

My comments today in the Senate.

20210203 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Q’s re JobMaker, Apprenticeships & Skills

My questions to the Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business Senator Michaelia Cash.

Can the Minister please update the Senate on how the Morrison Government is continuing to build a stronger Australia by supporting Australians to undertake an apprenticeship and developing Australia’s skilled workforce through its $74 billion JobMaker plan? Can the Minister outline to the Senate how the Government’s early action through the Supporting Apprentices and Trainees Wage Subsidy supported small businesses to keep apprentices on the tools, and supported small businesses with their cash flow through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic?

How will the Government’s record skills investment support labour market recovery and help Australians find secure work as we emerge from COVID-19?

20210203 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate – Anti-antivax

I addressed the Senate today about the opposition’s irresponsible comments regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. I’m the mother of an autistic child and I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theorists nonsense about vaccinations. It’s time for Labor to join the Morrison Government in promoting the use of a vaccine for the safety of every Australian.

20210202 Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – Aust renewable energy

Our first day in the Senate and we already have the other parties peddling ignorance and misinformation; they’re always happy to criticise but never able to come up with a plan. It was my joy to set them straight on the Morrison Government’s already remarkable achievements, and our real plans and practical action to further lower emissions and expand renewable Australian energy.

Having smashed our Kyoto-era targets by more than 459 million tonnes, the Morrison Government’s continuing plan is driven not by increasing taxes, but by technology … new and innovative technology I have seen firsthand with my friends in the wonderful Hunter region, a region that is set to be the new economic powerhouse of Australian energy supply and exports.

Real plans, realisable goals, creating more Australian jobs, securing Australia’s energy supply, and creating new Australian industries. What other government has done more?

20201215 – Senator Hollie Hughes – NBN Newcastle – HomeBuilder

On NBN News Newcastle, I was interviewed about the incredible success that the Morrison government’s HomeBuilder scheme has been so far, with building approvals across the Hunter in third quarter of 2020 up 18% on last year

20201210 – Sen Hollie Hughes – ABC’s Capital Hill

The last ABC Capital Hill for the year. We speak about the cashless welfare card, industrial relations, and our thoughts about the year that’s been.

I couldn’t resist reminding Labor of their hypocrisy in ignoring the coal workers of the Hunter region – but that’s ok, the Coalition’s policies will ensure that they continue to have jobs, and help lead Australia out of the global economic crisis.

20201210 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – F-35

In response to my questions yesterday in the Senate, the Minister for Defence, Senator Linda Reynolds, announced Australian companies have signed contracts worth AU$2.7 billion under the F-35 Global Joint Strike Fighter program – that’s 5000 more Australian jobs in the next 2 years, particularly in the NSW Hunter region.

20201203 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate – Disability & Employment

My questions today to the Minister for Families and Social Services, Senator Anne Ruston, on this International Day of Disability – Can the Minister update the Senate on what the Morrison Government is doing to remove barriers to employment for people with disability? – Can the Minister advise how the Morrison Government’s 2020-21 Budget is helping people with a disability to get into the workforce? – What is the Government doing to support people with disability that are employed within the Australian Public Service?

20201201 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Robodebt

Today in the Senate, I spoke about the hypocrisy to the Income Compliance Program, often referred to as robodebt … a system that was created by the last Labor government, and the money from it they tried to use to fund their 2019 election promises. The Morrison Government has worked to improve the ICP, to ensure money has been refunded and debts wiped, and it is now being praised by the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

20201130 Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate

It was a pleasure to speak to the senate about the return of Australians stranded overseas since the Covid-19 pandemic began. I thought it was a bit rich for Labor to suggest the Morrison Government is not doing enough when 3 Labor Premiers have had their borders closed. The good news is the flights are flowing.

20201127 – Sen Hollie Hughes on The Kenny Report with Chris Kenny
20201112 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Success of JobKeeper
2020 National Recycling Week

It’s National Recycling Week. My colleague Sussan Ley MP, Minister for the Environment, tested my knowledge … and showed me the easy way to find the answers. Now if only I’d brought my glasses!

20201110 – NBN News – Hughes Fitzgibbon

No wonder Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon MP had to resign from shadow cabinet. Labor has abandoned blue collar workers – the heart and soul of the Hunter Region. My recent interview with NBN Television.

20201111 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate – Improved rural mobile coverage

My questions today to Senator Linda Reynolds, on how the Morrison-McCormack Government is backing and delivering for regional Australia by improving mobile coverage, and strengthening resilience during emergencies.

20201110 – Sen Hollie Hughes – The Chris Kenny Report

Appeared on the awesome Chris Kenny show to discuss Labor’s lurch to the looney left on energy. Their own Hunter MP Joel Fitzgibbon stepping down from the Albanese shadow cabinet over the neglect of blue collar workers in the Hunter Region.

20201109 – Sen Hollie Hughes on Capital Hill with Matt Doran

Great to speak with Matt Doran on ABC’s Capital Hill. Clearly Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from the front bench is due to Labor’s loony left dictating energy policy.

20201109 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate – Government Economic Support during Covid

It was wonderful to address the Senate today on the Morrison Government’s efforts this year to look after ALL Australians during the COVID-19 crisis. The payments provided to workers, jobseekers, pensioners and disabled people have helped all Australians cope during the crisis. Importantly, the incredible efforts of our Prime Minister and Treasurer have prepared Australia for a strong economic recovery.

20201029 – Sen Hughes & the Disability Sector in Senate Estimates

Flexibility in the workforce reinforces the core principle of Choice & Control – a driving principal behind the NDIS. As the mother of a participant, I especially value using providers who meet the needs of my son and all my family … not the needs of a large provider or union.

20201027 – Aged Care Sen Hughes vs Labor in Senate Estimates

Just because you say it doesn’t make it true! Labor allocated NO MONEY to Aged Care and continue to make false claim after false claim. It was time to set the record straight last night in Senate Estimates.

20201026 – Sen Hughes and the PBS in Senate Estimates

Always happy to help Senator Keneally understand how many medicines the Coalition has listed on the PBS since 2013 along with ensuring their delivery during lockdowns this year

20201027 – Vaping – Senate Estimates – Community Affairs – Sen Hughes TGA

Prior to the Tobacco Harm Reduction Inquiry Hearings commencing, today in Senate Estimates, I spoke with the TGA about e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool and how we may best regulate their distribution.

20201026 Senator Hollie Hughes Senate Estimates Community Affairs

During today’s Senate Estimates, I asked Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, Senator Michaelia Cash, some questions about the Productivity Commission report into mental health and the systemic reforms that are being made to services across Australia.

20201022 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Alan Jones, Sky News

Great to make my maiden appearance on Alan Jones last night

20201020 – Minister of Defence Industries – House of Reps – Hunter region investment & jobs

In response to a question today from Melissa McIntosh MP, the Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price MP spoke about the contracts she and I have had the great pleasure announcing in the Hunter region in the past months, with record defence industry spending through the Defence Innovation Hub, creating new jobs, new industries, and driving Australia’s economic recovery. $50 million+ investment has been announced for the Hunter in the past months $42 million allocated for the Singleton military base Excitingly 82% of the subcontractors involved will be local businesses This will create 650 new regional jobs during the 2 year construction period $3.2 million announced for the curved body armour by Armour Composite Engineering $7 million for Newcastle-based BlueZone to develop unmanned surface vehicle technology There is still another $800 million available through the Defence Innovation Hub

Senator Hollie Hughes – 20201015 – NBN News – Hunter Company Makes Waves With Its Latest Vehicle

NBN News – Newcastle, 15 October 2020 “Developing unmanned vehicles is a focus for Defence – and a Hunter company is leading the way. BlueZone is about to ramp up production of its Wave Gliders, thanks to a $7-million deal, enabling the ADF to keep tabs on foreign submarines.”

Senator Hollie Hughes – 20201013 – NBN News – Lithium ion Battery Plant To Be Built In The Hunter

“They’re essential components in electric cars, and soon, lithium-ion batteries will be made here in the Hunter. Today the ground was broken on a new manufacturing facility at Tomago. Operated by Energy Renaissance, the plant will one day employ around 1,700 people. The first batteries are set to roll off the production line by mid-2021.” The Hunter region received another significant investment boost today through Energy Renaissance, Australia’s first lithium-ion battery manufacturer, who announced that it will build Renaissance One, a $28 million lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Tomago. I was delighted to be there with Managing Director Mark Chilcote. Over 1,700 direct jobs will be created during the construction and operational phase, and another 6,500 indirect jobs will be generated for the benefit of regional NSW.

Senator Hollie Hughes – 20201012 NBN News – Hunter Defence Contractor To Produce NextGen Body Armour

The Minister for Defence Industry, Melissa Price MP, today announced a $3.2 million Defence Innovation Hub contract with Armor Composite Engineering (ACE).

Senator Hollie Hughes in the Senate 20201008: Bills – Higher Education Support Amendment Bill – 2nd

Senator Hollie Hughes in the Senate 20201008: Bills – Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-Ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Bill 2020 – Second Reading

Senator Hollie Hughes in the Senate 20201007: Statements – Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre
Senator Hollie Hughes Senate 20201006 Committees Select Committee on Tobacco Harm Reduction
Senator Hollie Hughes in the Senate 20200902: Matters of Public Importance – Economy
Senator Hollie Hughes in the Senate 20200901: Questions Without Notice – COVID 19: Aged Care
Senator Hollie Hughes featured on NBN Hunter Night News September 2020

Senator Hughes announces $42.2 million funding for Singleton Military Base upgrade.

Senator Hollie Hughes interviewed on Sky News June 2020.

Senator Hughes comments on COVID-19 impacts to travel and other related matters.

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament during question time.

Senator Hughes addressed Parliament during question time regarding support for those with autism suffering economic hardship due to the pandemic.

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament on Matters of Public Importance.

Senator Hughes addressed Parliament in response to the ALP on Matters of Public Importance and the Morrison Government’s performance.

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament on child sex offenders

Senator Hughes addressed Parliament on changes to sentencing of child sex offenders. A confronting topic but very necessary to protect children. Mandatory sentencing will act as an extra deterrent to this despicable crime. This legislation will also include any child sex crimes committed in other countries by Australians as well as grooming on the internet.

Training to Support People with Autism into Work – AM Agenda

Senator Hughes announced a $500k to support people with autism into work. Krofne, Whitmur Advisors & Gen U Training have received $200k to develop accredited hospitality training programs; Specialisterne has received $300k to train & support businesses & recruitment agencies to become autism-confident. The Morrison Government with Minister Anne Ruston is delivering on its election promise to support people with autism into employment.

Senator Hollie Hughes launches ‘Tooheys Keg Tour’ 2020

The Senator, in conjunction with Lion, launched the ‘Tooheys Keg Tour’ sending free beer to bushfire affected communities on the South Coast of New South Wales.

COVID Kindness

The Senator attended a hospitality industry event hosted by Colin Fassnidge, where gave away care packages to people in the St George area doing it tough during this #Covid19 period. Check out this amazing demonstration of kindness by one of Australia’s leading chef’s.

Senator Hollie Hughes Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Senator Hollie Hughes encourages everyone to join in Australia’s biggest morning tea and help those affected by cancer.

Senator Hollie Hughes Police Appreciation

Senator Hollie Hughes expresses appreciation for the police force during the coronavirus pandemic.

Senator Hollie Hughes Palliative Care Week 2020
Senator Hollie Hughes COVID-19 Update May 2020 – Restrictions being eased.

Senator Hollie Hughes update on COVID-19 including stage one restrictions being eased in NSW.

Senate Thursday the 14th of May 2020 – The Economy

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament on the economy and unemployment.

Senate Wednesday the 13th of May 2020 – Question Time

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament during question time on mental health.

Senate Tuesday the 12th of May 2020 – The Economy and Welfare

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament on the economy and welfare.

Senator Hollie Hughes response to Anti Vaccination

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses those who have been contacting her regarding anti vaccination.

Senate Monday the 2nd of March 2020 – Finance and Public Administration Committee: Women

Senator Hollie Hughes poses questions to the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee.

Senate Monday the 2nd of March 2020 – Finance and Public Administration Committee: Charity

Senator Hollie Hughes poses questions to the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee.

Senate Thursday the 27th of February 2020 – Economy – General Business

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament on the economy.

Senate Tuesday the 25th of February 2020 – BILLS;Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (Simplifying Income Reporting and Other Measures) Bill 2020;Second Reading

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament on Social Services.

Senate Tuesday the 25th of February 2020 – Matters of Public Importance – National Disability Insurance Scheme

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Parliament on the NDIS.

Senate Tuesday the 25th of February 2020 – BILLS – Agriculture Legislation Amendment (Streamlining Administration) Bill 2019 – Second Reading

The coalition is committed to supporting the hardworking men and women of Australia’s farm and rural industries.

Senate Thursday the 13th of February 2020 – MOTIONS; Pensions and Benefits

Compassionate assistance the Morrison government is providing to Australians in hardship.

Senator Hughes address Parliament to announce ‘Go Country For Anything’ launch

Matters of Public Importance Australian Bushfires Small Business Tuesday, 11th of February 2020

Senate Monday the 10th of February, 2020QUESTIONS WITHOUT NOTICE: TAKE NOTE OF ANSWERS: 

Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program

CONDOLENCES: Australian Bushfires – Parliament House, Tuesday 4th of February, 2020

Senator Hollie Hughes addresses Australian Parliament regarding the Australian Bushfires of 2019 and 2020.

Senator Hollie Hughes interviewed by ‘On The Hour – Sky News’ Monday 2nd of December, 2019

Senator Hollie Hughes is interviewed by ‘On The Hour – Sky News’ discussing the Select Committee on Autism. The intention of this committee is to inquire and report on the services, support and life outcomes for people with autism in Australia and the associated need for a National Autism Strategy.

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