My Journey in Autism & Disability Support

The Report

  • Select Committee on Autism

Increased Supports in the Federal Budget

$1.2 million has been included in the 2022-23 Federal Budget to support Autism Awareness Australia in expanding the existing ‘Autism: What Next?’ website to provide resources to help individuals and families navigate the first year following an autism diagnosis.


Hollie Hughes

The year after Fred’s diagnosis, I established the Country Autism Network to assist families in rural and remote areas in navigating their way through the maze of autism therapies and to promote broader awareness.

When I was elected to the Senate, I established and Chaired the Select Committee on Autism.

This is the first-ever inquiry that has properly investigated how to facilitate meaningful reform in the autism space through a whole-of-life lens for anyone across the breadth of the spectrum.

Hollie Hughes

So far, generic disability strategies have proven ineffective at improving the tangible life outcomes for autistic people.

The approach to supporting the autistic community requires dramatic change.

Central to the Committee’s proposal of reform is establishing a National Autism Strategy.

Hollie Hughes

I am so proud of what this Committee has achieved and I would like to thank all of my parliamentary colleagues who assisted me with this inquiry, particularly my Coalition colleague Senator Jim Molan and my Deputy Chair Senator Carol Brown, who were incredible sources of support.

I look forward to working with my colleagues to see our reforms endorsed by Parliament.

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