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Reasonable Excuses to Leave Your Home

Stay-at-home orders currently apply to all of Greater Sydney and Regional NSW.

Reasonable excuses include:

  • Obtaining food (or other goods or services), if:
    • they are for essential household needs; and
    • if no other member of the household has already left to obtain essential goods that day;
    • they are obtained locally:
      • within your Local Government Area (LGA); or
      • within 5 km of your residence if outside of your LGA (provided the LGA that you enter is not an area of concern);
        • if the essential food, goods, or services cannot be reasonably obtained within these limits, you must travel to the closest place they are available.
      • For essential work, if:
        • it is not reasonably practicable to work at home; and/or
        • you are required to visit another person’s place of residence for your employment; and
        • the business is allowed to be open.
      • Accessing childcare.
      • Education if it is not possible to do so via online learning.
      • Exercise or outdoor recreation if:
        • you remain within your LGA (Local Government Area); or
        • you remain within 5 km of your home if outside of your Local Government Area.
          • Note that outdoor recreation is not permitted if you are within an area of concern unless you are supervising the exercise or play of a child 12 years of age or under.
        • Obtaining medical/health supplies (including the COVID-19 vaccination).
        • Attending a funeral with a maximum of 10 people if:
          • the service is within Greater Sydney (if you reside in Greater Sydney); or
          • the service is within regional NSW (if you reside in regional NSW); or
          • if you are the spouse, de facto partner, parent, child, or sibling of the deceased person should the service be outside of Greater Sydney (if you reside in Greater Sydney); or
          • if you are the spouse, de facto partner, parent, child, or sibling of the deceased person should the service be outside of regional NSW (if you reside in regional NSW).
        • Inspecting or moving to a new place of residence
        • If you currently live in Greater Sydney, you may only move outside of Greater Sydney for the purposes of:
          • employment, provided you are the only person moving to that residence; or
          • urgent maintenance/repairs, provided you are the only person moving to that residence.
        • If you currently live in Greater Sydney, you may inspect a new place of residence outside of Greater Sydney:
          • provided you have a genuine intention to move to and reside
        • Supervising or facilitating the move to a new premises for a business.
        • Assisting a person move to or from a new place of residence.
        • Providing care or assistance to a vulnerable person or providing emergency assistance.
        • Donating blood.
        • Undertaking legal obligations.
        • Accessing public services, including:
          • social services;
          • employment services;
          • domestic violence services;
          • mental health services
          • victims services.
        • Upholding existing arrangements for children who do not live in the same household as their parents or siblings (or one of their parents or siblings).
        • Attending a place of worship or providing pastoral care to another person:
          • Applies only to priestsministers of religion or members of a religious order.
        • Avoiding injuryillness, or escaping a risk of harm.
        • For emergencies or compassionate reasons (including where 2 people are in a relationship but do not live together).
        • To visit the residence of someone who has made you their nominated visitor, provided:
          • the individual who has nominated you lives alone; and
          • you are not the nominated visitor of another person; and
          • you both live in Greater Sydney (or for Regional NSW, if you both live in the same LGA); and
          • you do not live in an area of concern.
          • Travelling in a private vehicle by yourself, unless:
              • the other passenger is a member of your household; or
              • your nominated visitor;
              • This does not apply if the vehicle is being used:
                • to engage in work;
                • to provide a public transport service;
                • in an emergency or for compassionate reasons;
                • for a taxi/rideshare 
              • If you are over 18 years of age and you have left your home, you must carry evidence showing your address (e.g., drivers licence) and produce it for inspection when requested by police.

Face Masks

You must wear a face mask:

  • whenever you are outside your home unless you are exercising (effective from 12:01 am Monday 23 August 2021);
  • in all indoor non-residential areas;
  • in indoor areas on common property for residential premises, including:
    • shared foyer or lobby of an apartment block;
    • liftsstairwells, and corridors;
    • shared laundry facilities.
  • on public transport;
  • in major recreation facilities (e.g., a stadium);
  • if you are working in a hospitality venue;
  • when working in both indoor and outdoor areas on construction sites;
  • when working in an outdoor area;
  • when outdoors next to or near premises selling food or drink or retail premises;
  • when in both indoor and outdoor areas of a market that predominantly sells food (e.g., Sydney Markets at Flemington Markets or Sydney Fish Markets);
  • when attending a COVID-19 Safe outdoor gathering.


You may remove your face mask where you would be otherwise required to wear it if:

  • you are eating or drinking;
  • you are engaging in strenuous physical exercise (except in an indoor gym class or dance class);
  • you are communicating with another person who is deaf or hard of hearing;
  • you are at work and the nature of your employment:
    • makes the wearing of a mask a risk to your’s or another’s health and safety; or
    • requires clear enunciation and/or the visibility of your mouth.
  • you are asked to remove your mask to confirm your identity;
  • there is an emergency;
  • the removal of your mask is necessary for the proper provision of goods or services;
  • you are in a correctional centre or another place of custody;
  • you are a patient in a public hospital or private health facility;
  • you are a resident of a residential aged care facility;
  • you are a student at a school;
  • you are working in a school outside of Greater Sydney;
  • you are a guest in a hotel, motel, or other accommodation facility and you are inside your own room;
  • it is the ceremony of your own wedding;
  • you are working alone in your office;
  • you are alone in your vehicle, or with another person who is:
    • member of your household; or
    • your nominated visitor.

Rules requiring the wearing of face masks do not apply if:

  • you are 12 years of age or under; or
  • you suffer from a physical or mental health condition or disability that makes wearing a face mask unsuitable, including:
    • skin condition;
    • an intellectual disability;
    • autism; or
    • trauma.
  • Authorised exemption documentation:

Please refer to the NSW Government website for more information on restrictions for Greater Sydney and Regional NSW.

Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Concern

Additional rules and restrictions apply to the following LGAs:

Additional Restrictions for LGAs of Concern

Residents of the Areas of Concern are subject to the following changes to the reasonable excuses to leave your home:

  • From 12:01 am Monday 23 August:
    • Curfews from 9 pm – 5 am shall be enforced, except for:
    • The following retail premises in the LGAs of concern must close apart from ‘Click & Collect’ services:
      • garden centres and plant nurseries;
      • office supplies;
      • hardware and building supplies;
      • landscaping material supplies;
      • rural supplies; and
      • pet supplies.
    • Apart from HSC exams, all education and professional development is to be delivered online.
    • Workers from the Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, and Fairfield LGAs will no longer be required to get tested for COVID-19 every 72 hours to work outside their LGA.
  • From Saturday 28 August 2021:
  • By Monday 6 September 2021:
    • childcare and disability workers must have their first vaccination dose;
    • all authorised workers that work outside of their LGA of concern may only work if they have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine AND their workplace conducts rapid antigen tests on-site.
  • you must obtain your essential household goods/services (e.g., food) from within 5 km of your home:
    • if it is not reasonably practicable to do so, you must obtain them from the closest place from your home that they are available within Greater Sydney;
  • you may leave your home for the purposes of work if:
    • it is not reasonably practicable to work from home and your workplace is in the same LGA (or, if applicable, the 12 suburbs listed in the Penrith LGA) you reside in; or
    • you are an authorised worker and you need to leave your LGA (or, if applicable, the 12 suburbs listed in the Penrith LGA) to work; and
    • you comply with all relevant rules for COVID-19 tests for workers in Greater Sydney;
  • you may leave your home to exercise or supervise a child aged 12 or under who is exercising or playing within 5km of your home (you may not otherwise leave your home for outdoor recreation).
  • you may nominate a visitor to your residence if:
    • you live alone; and
    • they are not a nominated visitor for another person; and
    • they live within 5 km of your home.
    • You may exercise with your nominated visitor no further than 5 km of your home.
      • Note that from Saturday 21 August 2021, you will need to register your nominated visitor through an online form. 
    • See other reasonable excuses to leave your home.

Face Masks Requirements for LGAs of Concern

If you live in an area of concern, you must wear a face mask:

Financial assistance

NSW workers in the areas of concern can apply for a $320 payment if they need to self-isolate and are unable to work while waiting for their coronavirus (COVID-19) test result.

Apply for the payment through Service NSW.

Click here for information on other financial assistance options:

Please refer to the NSW Government website for more information on restrictions for areas of concern.

Mandatory Vaccinations for Certain Workers

Authorised Workers in the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Concern

From Wednesday 6 September 2021, authorised workers aged over 16 years that live in a declared Local Government Area (LGA) of concern cannot leave their LGA for work unless they have:

Workers in the following industry sectors may be classified as authorised workers:

Construction Workers

If you live in (or are staying in)declared Local Government Area (LGA) of concern, you must not enter a construction site in Greater Sydney unless you have:

Aged Care Workers and Other Facility Staff

From 9 am Friday 17 September 2021, aged care workers and other facility staff across all of NSW will not be permitted to enter the premises of a residential aged care facility unless they have:

This requirement will apply to:

  • employees of aged care facility operators (e.g., nursing staff, office staff, receptionists);
  • anyone who provides services for the facility or for resident(s) in the facility (regardless of whether or not the facility is their employer).
  • Note that practitioners and students that don’t fall under the above categories will also fall under the vaccination requirements from 9 am Sunday 31 October 2021.

Click here to find more information.

Health Care Workers

In order for any health care workers across all of NSW to work, they must have:

Click here for more information.

Airport, Quarantine, & Transport Workers

The NSW Government has introduced the NSW Airport and Quarantine Workers Vaccination Program, which commenced at 12 pm Monday 28 June 2021.

Workers under this program may not enter an airport (if an airport worker) or a quarantine facility (if a quarantine worker) anywhere in NSW unless:

The following workers may not enter or provide services at an airport without meeting the above requirements:

  • airport staff;
  • airline/freight staff;
  • ground handlers;
  • caterers;
  • cleaners;
  • customer service agents;
  • ramp workers;
  • baggage handlers;
  • engineers;
  • security and other private contractors;
  • health courier service staff;
  • Australian Defence Force members providing baggage handling services;
  • passport and border control staff;
  • biosecurity and law enforcement staff;
  • aeromedical retrieval air transportation service staff; and
  • people conducting health screening/swabbing of overseas arrivals.

The following workers may not enter or provide services at a quarantine facility without meeting the above requirements:

  • quarantine workers;
  • police officers;
  • health care staff;
  • Australian Defence Force members;
  • people conducting health screening;
  • people providing courier services; and
  • people auditing security services.

The following workers may not provide transportation services without meeting the above requirements:

  • transportation providers listed in the NSW Airport and Quarantine Workers Vaccination Program; and
  • you are providing a transportation service to:
    • an international arrival (including directly to or from a quarantine or medical facility); or
    • to and from an airport to a flight crew member’s home.

Click here for more information.

Proof of Vaccination

If you are subject to the above vaccination requirements (or you wish to take advantage of the freedoms that the NSW Government is rolling out to fully vaccinated citizens), you will be required to present proof of vaccination upon request. There are multiple ways to receive your proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

If you have a Medicare card, you can access proof online through:

You can receive copies of either your Statement or your Certificate through:

If you can’t access your proof of vaccination online, you can call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 (available between the hours of 8 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday).

If you require an interpreter, you can call the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450.

If you don’t have a Medicare card, you can access proof by:

This page should not be used as a replacement for checking the most up-to-date information about the current NSW rules available on the NSW Government website, available by clicking here.