20210907 – Australian Arts and Entertainment Industry Funding – Tracy McKelligott – Newcastle Live

Tracy McKelligott was speaking with Jo Smith this week on Newcastle Live about how Regal Cinema Building Ltd. has received a Federal Government Grant of $180,491 as part of the Morrison Government’s $200 million Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand Fund to assist the arts and entertainment sector. More than 23,000 employment opportunities are expected to be created across the nation from the latest $20 million funding round alone.

20210905 – Chasm Between Opposition Leader and His Shadow Cabinet – Chris Smith Tonight – Sky News

Speaking on Chris Smith Tonight about about the widespread criticism (including from Senior Labor Shadow Ministers in the Federal Parliament) of the scaremongering that is being perpetuated by the state leaders in Queensland and Western Australia. The Opposition Leader has shamefully backed these state leaders in their undermining of the Australian vaccination rollout and the National Plan to get Australia up and running again.

20210708 – Australian Government, Canberra – Disability Gateway

The Disability Gateway is able to assist with a range of supports, from locating advocacy services, finding a sporting team that meets the needs of a person’s disability or identifying local disability-related events. It is available at www.disabilitygateway.gov.au or by calling 1800 643 787 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm AEST. People with disability who need support in another language can also contact the Gateway on 1800 643 787 and ask for an interpreter.

Veteran Health and Wellbeing Supported in Shortland

Programs and activities supporting the health and wellbeing of our veteran community in Shortland will receive a share of more than $2.4 million worth of funding under the Veteran and Community Grants Program, announced today.

20210624 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Barnaby Joyce

When the media ask me questions such as these, I would like to remind them of the democratic values that each and every Australian should and do hold dear to their hearts. The people of New England have elected Barnaby with increasingly consistent majorities and the Nationals Party Room have made the decision to make him their leader, as is their right. I must respect each and every party in Parliament's right to choose their own leader, a respect that I would hope they would afford my own party.

20210624 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Q&A – NDIS (Independent Assessments)

We need to change the conversation surrounding the NDIS from that of a discussion of deficits to that of how participants can achieve their goals. In order to ensure that this scheme is delivering what it was put in place to do, the focus cannot merely be on how to survive, but how to thrive within the community.

20210624 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Q&A – Labor Scaremongering

Given their monumental death rates, it is insulting to hold the UK and the US as the golden bastion of COVID management and claim that our government should look to them as an example. Labor needs to stop the politicisation of this issue and to stop the scaremongering.

20210616 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – EIBI

It has been heartwarming to hear from so many parents and autistic adults over the past few weeks, thanking me for being in their corner. Surely we can all agree that evidence and research-based best practice intervention is at the very least reasonable and necessary!

20210324 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Community Affairs – misinformation about prescribers

After an inquiry, multiple media reports and other political discourse it appears the authorised prescriber model is only one of 3 options for nicotine prescription. According to Prof Skerritt there are around 100,000 doctors who can prescribe for personal importation. Probably helpful information a while ago but good news for over half a million Australia vapers....

20210317 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate

Here we go again … there can never be any recognition from those opposite that Australia has weathered the Covid pandemic better than all other major, advanced nations, both in economic and health terms.

20210315 – Radio National – March 4 Justice

It’s important when change is needed it’s done in a way most likely to affect real change. So it was disappointing to me that women’s groups marching on Canberra today chose to reject the Prime Ministers offer to discuss the safety of women in the workplace.

20210203 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate – Anti-antivax

I addressed the Senate today about the opposition’s irresponsible comments regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. I’m the mother of an autistic child and I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theorists nonsense about vaccinations. It’s time for Labor to join the Morrison Government in promoting the use of a vaccine for the safety of every Australian.

20201210 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Senate – F-35

In response to my questions yesterday in the Senate, the Minister for Defence, Senator Linda Reynolds, announced Australian companies have signed contracts worth AU$2.7 billion under the F-35 Global Joint Strike Fighter program – that’s 5000 more Australian jobs in the next 2 years, particularly in the NSW Hunter region.

20201201 – Senator Hollie Hughes – Robodebt

Today in the Senate, I spoke about the hypocrisy to the Income Compliance Program, often referred to as robodebt … a system that was created by the last Labor government, and the money from it they tried to use to fund their 2019 election promises. The Morrison Government has worked to improve the ICP, to ensure money has been refunded and debts wiped, and it is now being praised by the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

20201130 Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate

It was a pleasure to speak to the senate about the return of Australians stranded overseas since the Covid-19 pandemic began. I thought it was a bit rich for Labor to suggest the Morrison Government is not doing enough when 3 Labor Premiers have had their borders closed. The good news is the flights are flowing.

2020 National Recycling Week

It’s National Recycling Week. My colleague Sussan Ley MP, Minister for the Environment, tested my knowledge … and showed me the easy way to find the answers. Now if only I’d brought my glasses!

20201110 – Sen Hollie Hughes – The Chris Kenny Report

Appeared on the awesome Chris Kenny show to discuss Labor’s lurch to the looney left on energy. Their own Hunter MP Joel Fitzgibbon stepping down from the Albanese shadow cabinet over the neglect of blue collar workers in the Hunter Region.

20201110 – NBN News – Hughes Fitzgibbon

No wonder Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon MP had to resign from shadow cabinet. Labor has abandoned blue collar workers – the heart and soul of the Hunter Region. My recent interview with NBN Television.

20201109 – Sen Hollie Hughes – Senate – Government Economic Support during Covid

It was wonderful to address the Senate today on the Morrison Government’s efforts this year to look after ALL Australians during the COVID-19 crisis. The payments provided to workers, jobseekers, pensioners and disabled people have helped all Australians cope during the crisis. Importantly, the incredible efforts of our Prime Minister and Treasurer have prepared Australia for a strong economic recovery.